Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

When it comes to eating fruits, I am very fussy!!! There are few fruits which I really don't like and would never ever taste no matter how healthy or nutritious they are!! One among such fruits, is the passion fruit..... The seeds of passion fruit are never appealing to my eyes and so I just don't like it..... Last week when JJ went to Kerala, he got some passion fruits from home and was wondering what to do with it as I didn't want to waste it too!!! I remember seeing few passion fruit recipes on Swapna's Cuisine.... And, I went ahead with the Passion Fruit Panna Cotta without giving a second thought as we are panna cotta lovers.

Recipe Source: Swapna's Cuisine

For the Passion Fruit Jelly

Water - 2 tbsp
Gelatin - 1 or 1/2 tbsp
Passion fruit - 4 or 1/4 cup strained pulp
Caster sugar - 1/2 cup + 1 tbsp
Water - 1 1/4 cups

For the Panna Cotta

Water - 2 tbsps
Gelatin powder - 2 tsp or 1 tsp
Cream - 2 cups
Icing sugar - 1/3 cup, sifted
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp


To make the jelly
  • Take water in a small bowl and add gelatin. Keep aside for 5 mins or until the gelatin absorbs the water.
  • Strain the passion fruit pulp through a fine sieve and have approx 1/4 cup juice.
  • Place the juice, caster sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil and simmer for 3 mins.
  • Add the gelatin mixture and cook, stirring for 1-2 mins to dissolve the gelatin.
  • Pass the mixture through a fine sieve and divide among glasses or molds equally.
  • Refrigerate until set.

To make the Panna Cotta
  • Take water in a small bowl and add gelatin. Keep aside for 5 mins or until the gelatin absorbs the water.
  • Place the cream in a saucepan over medium heat with the sugar and vanilla essence.
  • Stir occasionally, allowing the cream to come to a boil.
  • Add the gelatin mixture and cook, stirring for a minute or just until the gelatin is dissolved.
  • Pass the mixture through a fine sieve and allow it to cool to room temperature before pouring over the firm passion fruit jelly.
  • Refrigerate until set
  • Serve chilled with fruits or any toppings of your choice.

Just like the previous one, this panna cotta too was devoured within a day....*smiles*


Orange Cream Biscuits

Cream biscuits are never my stuff, then and now!! I never really liked them, though I still love plain biscuits!!! Some days, I really don't get time to make breakfast.... On such days, I would end up having biscuits for my breakfast, while the rest of the family members munch on breakfast cereals *winks*.... I prefer having my biscuits dipped in hot coffee or tea..... Same with cookies too.... Particularly, the butter cookies!! They are just irresistible!!

But my kids love cream biscuits, especially the Oreo cookies, Bourbon, Dream Cream and so on..... So when I saw Fondbites Bake Along #34 recipe for Orange Cream Biscuits, I knew I had to try it out..... And more so as this was my first biscuit baking..... I was skeptical if the kids would enjoy the orange flavor but luckily there was no fuss!

Recipe Source: Fondbites

For the Cookies

Unsalted butter - 115 gm
Caster sugar - 115 gm
Egg yolk - 1
Honey - 2 tsp
Orange zest - 2tsp
Maida - 150 gm
Vanilla custard powder - 25 gm
Baking soda - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1/4 tsp

For the Cream

Unsalted butter - 40 gm
Icing sugar - 75 gm
Orange zest - 1 tsp
Orange juice - 1 tsp
Orange food color - 4 drops


The Cookies
  • Preheat oven to 180 C. Line a baking tray with baking paper.
  • Sift together flour, custard powder, baking soda and salt.
  • Add butter and caster sugar in a bowl and beat at medium high speed until the mixture is creamy, pale and fluffy.
  • Add the orange zest, honey and yolk to the butter mixture and beat again on medium speed for about a couple of minutes until they are incorporated well.
  • Next, add the sifted flour mixture and beat until the flour gets incorporated.
  • It would be crumbly mass and using your hands knead to make it a soft dough.
  • Take a lemon sized portion of the dough and roll it in your hands to make a smooth ball and then press to flatten it.
  • Place them on a prepared baking tray leaving room between the cookies to spread while baking.
  • Bake in the pre-heated oven for 18-20 minutes or until the top is golden brown. Let cool on a wire rack.
  • Remove the cookies from the wire rack and let it cool completely to room temperature.

The Cream
  • Add butter and icing sugar in a bowl and mix it well with a beater.
  • Add the orange zest and orange juice. Beat well until the mixture is creamy and fluffy.
  • Add the orange food color and mix well.
  • Transfer the cream to a piping bag and to the half of the baked cookies, pipe the cream in the center. Take the other half cookies and place it on top of the cream.

So, give it a try and for sure the kids will enjoy!! And try different flavors for the cream!!